100% Exams Are Coming…What Can We Do?

Get your staff thinking NOW about how they will prepare Year 9 and Year 10 students for higher exam weighted GCSEs.
Prepare a short CPD session for your staff to think about how they are teaching to ensure information is memorised and retained throughout the year and in between topics.
A possible outline of your session may include:
Sit your staff in subject or cross-curricular groups – about 6 teachers per table – and give them 3 minutes to discuss how they can use a revision resource/ technique in their subject, to encourage students to retain information. You will shoot in the key words on a power point.
Resources/ techniques can include:
– Flash cards (Q and A resources, facts, challenge questions, top tips, summaries of topics)
– Coloured pens (for key words/ ideas, explanations, facts, justifications, revision cards, themes)
– Note books (to note take, summarise, brainstorm, summarise new idea/ topics/ content, write down the hardest concepts)
– Glossary (new vocab and definitions, including in context)
– Timelines (categorising information)
– Alphabet (write a fact or sentence on a topic for each letter of alphabet)
– Flow charts (processes, facts, themes, key events and summaries, essay plan)

After 3 mins, each table can share their best idea for helping students retain information. The best ideas can be typed up and shared with the whole staff after the session. You can guide staff to talk about: how they may incorporate a technique into a plenary, starter or homework task; how they can build revision into a main activity or prepare for a test; creating long term revision materials. For example, ‘alphabet’ – can be used to record topic-specific jargon; to record facts on a topic; to write sentences recalling information on a topic- see above in blue for other ideas.

This session should be fast-paced and last for 40 minutes maximum.

A follow up 8 weeks later could involve staff sharing good practice about what techniques are working well so far and what evidence they have to show the impact.


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