Our Experience

Between us, we have been teaching for 23 years at 5 different schools across Essex and for the last 7 years, we have both been responsible for developing staff CPD for trainee teachers, NQT’s and middle managers. In addition, Jo has worked with 7 different university teacher training courses and three years ago wrote her own SCITT teacher training programme for a successful Trust.

Following the success of the SCITT course, an excellent first Ofsted report, and from our experience in supporting schools across the Trust, we have developed a full programme of training to cater for teachers new to the profession and in their first posts as middle leaders. Our sessions have helped trainees achieve distinctions, struggling teachers move to good and outstanding levels and new leaders motivate their staff and feel confident in their roles. Teaching and learning is at the heart of every training session and all sessions are written to have an immediate impact on classroom practice.

Quite simply, we believe that good CPD is at the heart of every successful school and every happy workforce. If staff feel valued and are given regular opportunities to reflect on their practice, students will have excellent teachers.

In the 23 years we have been teaching, we are constantly developing and changing our own classroom practice and whole-heartedly believe that teachers’ CPD is something that should constantly be reviewed, revisited and refined alongside pedagogical studies, political changes and school action plans.

We believe that personal reflection and opportunities for immediate application is crucial following any training if teachers are to develop their classroom practice. That is why our sessions offer follow-up ideas on the principle that sessions should be delivered and then revisited through sharing good practice meetings. With our busy workloads, we need to continue to nurture new and existing teachers and encourage them to view their practice in a cyclical structure, revisiting skills, ideas and targets set in short 6 week cycles so that a developing skill can become an embedded one.

All sessions in both programmes can be adapted to suit your audience and school context; although they can be followed explicitly and are all tried and tested sessions that address the new 2012 Teaching Standards. Our expectation is that these sessions provide a framework for you to personalise and make your own, maximising the  support we offer future and current teachers in our profession.

We hope you enjoy the sessions.


Jo and John