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Empower your middle leaders and give them the tools to be accountable.

The middle leaders’ training sessions have been created with the Teaching Standards at their heart. Whilst some of the sessions are aimed at developing the middle leaders’ personal skills, most of the sessions are to encourage reflective thought and to support middle leaders in thinking and working, independently and collaboratively. The sessions give them time to plan how they will lead their teams or departments on aspects of teaching and learning, personalised to their curriculum area.

The main sessions encourage middle leaders to reflect and be        pro-active in addressing the issues, covering:

  • Poor learning environments
  • Purposeful marking to demonstrate progress
  • Identifying Subject Knowledge gaps in the curriculum
  • Setting purposeful homework
  • Targeting and monitoring the most able
  • Using exam board feedback to move forward
  • Consistency of behaviour management techniques
  • Effective learning walks

By exploring these areas with middle leaders and giving them accountability to inspire, lead, inform and monitor their teams, it will enable schools to use whole staff meetings to be innovative at this crucial time of change, rather than losing valuable meeting time dealing with staff inconsistencies.

For every session, there are suggested follow up activities to ensure change takes place and the sessions have an impact.

In addition, there is an expectation that the trainer will become familiar with the suggested reading in order to be the expert in the room.

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