Individual Middle Leaders' Training Sessions

1. Knowing Your Team

This session should be attended by all middle leaders as an introduction to the year. Staff will complete an audit of their team’s strengths and areas for development against the Teaching Standards and use this information to guide their Team’s CPD over the course of the year.

There is an additional session that can be completed with your whole staff if you want to use the Teaching Standards to drive standards in your school.


Price: £40.00

2. Knowing Your Self

Following on from ‘Knowing Your Team’, this session encourages the middle leader to look at their own strengths and how they will lead by example and create a vision for the year for their department. This session ought to be given two hours so staff can plan their own INSET / CPD to the start off the year to lead their teams. All middle leaders should attend.

Price: £40.00

3. Setting the standard from the start

Setting the Standard from the Start is a combination of ‘Knowing Your Self ‘ and ‘Knowing Your Team’ – this takes 2 hours.

There is also an additional whole school training session on setting standards on an activity that can be used further with middle leaders, using the Ofsted Teaching criteria and the Teaching Standards to create an in-school profile for driving standards.

Price: £40.00

4. Beginning with the end in mind

In this session, middle leaders are encouraged to use Covey’s circle of   influence to identify their central goal for the year in their middle leadership role; boundaries they can control; boundaries they cannot influence; and ways to achieve the goal, using the Principle Leadership guidance.

The session will make staff think about how they will achieve success in the main area of their TLR responsibility and help them to process their vision and be pro active in ascertaining what help or support they may need to ensure the goal is met.


Price: £40.00

5. Managing Your Time

This session encourages staff to reflect on how they currently use their time in the school day and how they currently prioritise by  comparing their thinking to Steven Covey’s time management matrix.

By the end of the session, staff have been encouraged to reflect on the way they think and  prioritise, and they will categorise their concerns into urgent/ non-urgent/ important/ unimportant jobs. The theory will make staff analyse the natural choices they make and consider the impact of their choices on their time. To end, they will consider the power of saying ‘No’ and being confident in knowing what they can achieve in the time they have.

This session can fit in at any time.


Price: £40.00

6. Communication and Praise

This session will encourage middle leaders to put themselves in the shoes of their team members and to reflect on what makes staff members feel motivated. They will use  excepts from ‘The One Minute Manager’ to strategise ways they can praise, motivate and communicate clearly with the staff they lead. They will leave the session with ideas to put into place the very next day.


Price: £40.00

7. Beginning With The End In Mind Review

This session follows on from ‘Beginning with the end in Mind’ and provides a mid year review for staff to look at how they are making progress towards their yearly TLR/ Leadership goals. This session fits in particularly well during the PMR review process.


Price: £40.00

Standard 1 – Inspiring Learners

The aim of this session is to encourage middle leaders to feel responsible and accountable for the learning environments of the staff / areas they manage.  By the end of the session they will have  created their own team CPD session to praise effective learning environments and plan ahead to maintain their current good standards or they will create a CPD session to address any inconsistencies within their team or area.

This session can be delivered at any time in the academic year.


Price: £40.00

Standard 2 – Using Progress to Close the Gap

In this session,  middle leaders get the opportunity to reflect on the  IMPACT of marking that is taking place in school. By the end of the session, leaders will write a CPD session to improve the marking strategies used in their teams and to    maximise pupil participation in the marking process to reduce the workload for staff and maximise the impact of marking, to ensure it is purposeful and contributing to closing the gap.


Price: £40.00

Standard 3 – Using Assessment Objectives

The aim of this session is to  encourage staff to evaluate the importance of      Assessment Objectives and the need to discuss these at the start of every term. Staff will review their curriculum maps and consider how prepared their team’s are on the  upcoming assessments for the term. By the end of the session, leaders will have created a CPD session where they address a small or wide area of the curriculum to ensure staff know what they are teaching and why, ahead of any assessments to ensure subject knowledge gaps can be filled and student achievement is high.

This session can be repeated  termly by middle leaders to monitor Subject Knowledge development.


Price: £40.00

Standard 4 – Make Homework Count

This session will enable middle leaders to look closely at 4 types of homework setting that encourage independent and pupil-centred learning. During the session, staff will critique a sample of books and reflect on how homework looks in their teams. The aim of the session is for teams to create opportunities for creating meaningful homework tasks for students and work collaboratively to create a culture where homework is valued.

From the sharing good practice discussions, staff will identify a foci for creating their own team CPD on making homework count. This session can be followed up at a future sharing good practice meeting with middle leaders to review their changes or with the line manager.

The book scrutiny task can be adapted for primary schools if homework tends to not be in one book or more time can be given to planning the CPD session.


Price: £40.00

Standard 5 – Are We Challenging The Most Able?

The aim of this session is to encourage middle leaders to think about what the national picture is regarding the most able and how the national findings compare to your school and team data. Middle leaders will  have time to share ideas to plan their own team CPD for tackling the top end as well as how they are going to measure the impact of this CPD longer term through focused learning walks.

By the end of the session, middle leaders will have a clear idea about how they are going to promote teaching strategies to target the most able and how they are going to monitor these being implemented through short, focused learning walks, collecting data to measure the impact.


Price: £40.00

Standard 6 – Using Exam Board Feedback To Feed Forward

This session will give middle leaders time to use what they have read  from their Examiner’s Report/ coursework or CA sample feedback. By the end of the session, staff will have had to create a CPD session where they feedback specific points of interest as well as generic points of interest to inform their teaching for the coming year. In addition, there is an opportunity for middle leaders to reflect on how  well they lead their subject through the exam/ intervention/ paperwork and organisation and a chance to plan ahead to ensure any areas for development are addressed.


Price: £40.00

Standard 7 – How Consistent Is Your Team?

By the end of this session, middle leaders will have  the tools to evaluate how behaviour strategies are used across their teams  by evaluating data collected to show a snapshot of whole school behaviour observations. Following this, middle leaders will be able to contribute towards making staff consistent in their approach to managing behaviour . Following the session, middle leaders will have 2-4 weeks to analyse behaviour in their teams and to evaluate which strategies are being most commonly used in the classroom, looking at trends in the strategies used compared to the school policy. They will create their own future CPD so they are ready to take ownership of this area.


Price: £40.00

Standard 8 – Monitoring With Impact

This session will enable middle leaders to reflect on the value of learning walks and the different types of learning walks that can take place.  They will reflect on what makes a useful learning walk, with a particular focus on the follow up activities. Staff will share good practice by discussing learning walk scenarios and will plan their next learning walk before the end of the session. The focus for the walks can be linked to the school or team action plan targets.


Price: £40.00